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Wow!!! ECMASCRIPT 2020 is here

Wow!!! ECMASCRIPT 2020 is here.In this article, we’re going to review some of the latest and greatest features coming with ES2020. ECMAScript 2020 , the lates version of the official specification underlying  JavaScript , was formally approval by ECMA International, and the ECMA technical committee overseeing the specification, on June 16.  Dynamic Import If you had a file full of utility functions, some of them may rarely be used and importing all of their dependencies could just be a waste of resources. Now we can use async/await to dynamically import our dependencies when we need them //math.js const add = (num1, num2) => num1 + num2; export { add }; //index.js const doMath = async (num1, num2) => { if (num1 && num2) { const math = await import('./math.js'); console.log(math.add(5, 10)); }; }; doMath(4, 2); BigInt and arbitrary precision integers As you know, JavaScript has only one data type for numbers: the Number type. This primiti