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Gorm 2.0 Released!!

GORM 2.0 is a rewrite from scratch, it introduces some incompatible-API change and many improvementsHighlightsPerformance ImprovementsModularityContext, Batch Insert, Prepared Statment Mode, DryRun Mode, Join Preload, Find To Map, Create From Map, FindInBatches supportsNested Transaction/SavePoint/RollbackTo SavePoint supportsSQL Builder, Named Argument, Group Conditions, Upsert, Locking, Optimizer/Index/Comment Hints supports, SubQuery improvements, CRUD with SQL Expr and Context ValuerFull self-reference relationships support, Join Table improvements, Association Mode for batch dataMultiple fields allowed to track create/update time, UNIX (milli/nano) seconds supportsField permissions support: read-only, write-only, create-only, update-only, ignoredNew plugin system, provides official plugins for multiple databases, read/write splitting, prometheus integrations…New Hooks API: unified interface with pluginsNew Migrator: allows to create database foreign keys for relationships, smarte…