Wow!!! ECMASCRIPT 2020 is here

Wow!!! ECMASCRIPT 2020 is here.In this article, we’re going to review some of the latest and greatest features coming with ES2020. ECMAScript 2020 , the lates version of the official specification underlying  JavaScript , was formally approval by ECMA International, and the ECMA technical committee overseeing the specification, on June 16.  Dynamic Import If you had a file full of utility functions, some of them may rarely be used and importing all of their dependencies could just be a waste of resources. Now we can use async/await to dynamically import our dependencies when we need them //math.js const add = (num1, num2) => num1 + num2; export { add }; //index.js const doMath = async (num1, num2) => { if (num1 && num2) { const math = await import('./math.js'); console.log(math.add(5, 10)); }; }; doMath(4, 2); BigInt and arbitrary precision integers As you know, JavaScript has only one data type for numbers: the Number type. This primiti

Java 14 Continues.. new APIs of JDK14 and JVM Changes

If you haven't check my previous blog then visit it link else continue this blog In the previous blog we have discussed some highlighted features of Java14. In this blog we will discuss new APIs of JDK14 and JVM Changes NEW APIs There are 69 new API elements in the core class libraries of JDK 14 . Here are the highlights: There is a new annotation type, Serial. This is intended to be used for compiler checks on Serialization. Specifically, annotations of this type should be applied to serialization-related methods and fields in classes declared to be Serializable . (It is similar in some ways to the Override annotation.) java.lang The Class class has two methods for the new Record feature, isRecord() and getRecordComponents() .The getRecordComponents() method returns an array of RecordComponent objects. RecordComponent is a new class in the java.lang.reflect package with eleven methods for retrieving things, such as the details of annotations and the generi


This Post I will like to showcase features of Java 14 . The release of JDK 14 resumes the six-month release cadence of OpenJDK and signifies that this is working very well. Although some releases have been a little light on new features ( JDK 13 , for example), JDK 14 includes multiple exciting new features for developers. In addition to the usual API changes and low-level JVM enhancements, JDK 14 also includes two language preview features in the form of records and pattern matching for instanceof. All Java developers are familiar with NullPointerExceptions , and now, thankfully, they have been improved to simplify debugging. Java has always protected developers from the kind of common errors that occur in languages like C and C++ through the use of explicit pointers that can be manipulated and point to the wrong place. Sometimes, this can be useful, and developers have resorted to using undocumented and unsupported APIs like sun.misc.Unsafe .In JDK 14 , there is a new incubato

Headlines are Zoom e2e encryption,Amazon's face recognition incorrectly matches,Android 11,Go 1.15 and What’s new is Angular 10 & Vue.Js 3.0

Hello Everyone, The Compile Times brought some interesting news from the tech world. Here are some brief, Zoom is reported to be planning to strengthen its encryption for paying customers and other institutions such as schools. Speaking to Reuters, Alex Stamos, the ex-Facebook chief security officer who joined Zoom as a consultant in April, said the company was looking at different approaches to beefing up security for some users. As well as schools, this could include non-profit organizations and other customers that require an additional layer of protection for video meetings, such as political dissidents. Stamos told Reuters that Zoom was trying to improve security while at the same time "significantly upgrading their trust and safety", following previous criticisms around the video platform's security settings. This has led to incidents in which uninvited guests have crashed Zoom video meetings to share illegal or offensive material, often dubbed "Z